Friday, January 2, 2009

Featured Gimmick: P90X

I have had numerous people ask me about P90X and I have to be honest....... I didn't know what the hell it was. I thought it was a new type of motorcycle or 4 wheeler. I just finally got around to checking it out and I cringed the whole time I was watching!

They use the science of "muscle confusion"...... (yes that is the sound of crickets you are hearing). Let me give you the scientific definition of "muscle confusion"

mus-cle con-fu-sion
A made up term that an uneducated trainer uses to cover up the fact that they don't understand periodization.

They are literally selling people on this "muscle confusion" word. Basically it is a bunch of exercises thrown together with no rhythm or rhyme and no thought process in the program design. High class garbage. Beyond that, I had a chance to check out the plyometric workout. This is where I stopped watching. I wrote about this before but I think the P90X plyo workout is a way better example of how NOT to train plyos.

Of course some people are going to say, "I lost this many pounds doing -insert gimmick here- so it has to work. Sure, you can lose weight and get stronger doing many things BUT realize it doesn't make it right and there is a better/safer way of doing it. I could burn a ton of calories doing forward rolls without a shirt on down a gravel driveway........ this doesn't make it a GOOD way to burn calories.

Whats next?