Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to Develop Patello-Femoral Dysfunction

Plyometric High Intensity Interval Training? Huh?? Plyometric training and HIIT are two very opposing concepts. Using plyos as a conditioning tool is one reason they get such a bad rap. It's the same thing I wrote about with Olympic Lifts. Repetitive jumping is a great way to develop patello-femoral dysfunction.

It's just another example of good tool in the wrong hands. Hopefully these clowns don't work with other human beings. I am a HUGE fan of plyos but this is just absolutley ridiculous!!

I am all for making interval training more fun. But to have this many plyometric foot contacts in one session is just asking for matter how good your form is. Make it a general rule to stay around 25 foot contacts per session and no more than 100 in a week. Focus on quality not quantity.