Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scap Stability

I thought I would post some of our favorite scap stability exercises. Many of our athletes tend to be a bit screwed up in the shoulder complex (and our normal clients due to sitting at the computer) when they first come in. We use a lot of different exercises but here are a few that we use very often:

YTLW - This is a version with a dowel that I adopted from Mike Boyle. With the dowel, they should actually be call IYLW. The dowel makes the athlete maintain a consistent arm position.

Scap Pushup - A nice one for the winging scapulae

Wall slide - A great "bang for your buck". Active lat/pec stretch while you turn on the scap stabilizers. I have posted this one a few times and I will say it again, the seated version is a progression. Begin standing.

Wall Crawl - Sue Falsone (head PT for Athletes' Performance) showed me this last year. Make sure your elbows don't flare as you crawl up the wall.