Friday, January 9, 2009

Power Endurance (offically the 100th post of this blog)

Q: You have emphasised the importance of power endurance for mixed martial arts. How do you train this component of strength?

A: This is an interesting one. The term "power endurance" is actually an oxy-moron but at the same time it is something that exists within combat sports.

Athletes first need to become proficient at the basics. They need to really be dialled in on their form, because as we get into training power endurance, form can deplete quickly. Once we have a solid strength and conditioning base, we will have athletes doing power endurance circuits which will be one exercise after another with almost no rest period. The circuits will be specifically put together to mimic the fight time, rest periods and rounds (ex: 5 minute circuit with 1 minute rest). We will combine power and strength exercises with some metabolic stations (ex: Airdyne sprint), use complexes along with specific drills like shooting, etc. Depending on how long the fight round is scheduled for, we would also use some active rest exercises. For example, many amatuer fights are 3 minute rounds, so the need for active rest would be less than a fight that is 5 minute rounds. So if the athlete has 3 minute fight rounds, it is going to be 3 minutes of hell!

There must be a logical progression to get athletes to train like this. It’s something that guys should not just jump into. If form gets too ugly, you increase the risk of injury and decrease the effects of training.

Here is a video of my friend Jon Chaimberg putting Denis Kang through and acyclical circuit. Our circuits look very much the same.