Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Gym? No Problem.....

Q: I travel fairly often. When I am on the road I rarely have time to seek out a gym. The hotels I stay at have nothing more than a junkie universal gym machine and dumbbells that could hardly challenge a 4th grade school girl. Is there a way to increase/maintain strength and power while traveling?

A: Yes, but obviously its not ideal. You can get a pretty decent body weight workout to get you by. The only thing that is challenging to do is pulling exercises. A heavy band can work for this. I send my traveling clients off with a miniband (for activation exercises), tennis ball (for soft tissue work), a heavy resistance band for rowing variations and maybe a valslide. Here is what a workout may look like:

1. Soft tissue work with a tennis ball

2. Flexibility/Mobility

3. Activation (glutes, psoas, etc.)

4. Movement prep

5. Power: (the folks staying below you in the hotel will love this)

Jump squat
Lateral bound

6. Strength:

Tri-set one:
SL squat (use a chair for range of motion)
Feet Elevated Pushup (try a 5 sec down, 5 sec hold and drive up)
Side Bridge

Tri-set two:
Valslide leg curls
One arm band row

You could also make this have a more metabolic effect by taking no rest between sets.

There you go........no reason not to workout :-)