Monday, October 13, 2008

IPT Athletes go Undefeated!

It was a good day for Impact this past weekend and the Oregon Open grappling tournament! Big congrats to all three IPT athletes for going undefeated for the day:

Andy Wong won the Purple belt middle weight division and the Purple belt Absolute division. Andy racked up the points on all of his opponents with a smooth and methodical game. It seemed every time I blinked Andy was sweeping someone with his smoking half guard!

Bryan Marugg won the Blue belt light weight division and the no gi intermidiate light weight division. Bryan won every match by submission and if this isn't impressive enough, Bryan is not even old enough to actually have a Blue belt. He is only 15. MAN CHILD!!!

Pro Escebedo won the no gi Heavy weight intermediate division. This was actually Pro's first time competing in a "Jiu-jitsu" tournament. Pro is a solid MMA fighter and the current Light heavy weight champ for the Full Contact Fight Federation. It was great to see him compete in a different environment then he is used to........not being able to punch people :-) If you live in Oregon, come out and watch Pro defend his FCFF title in early December.