Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some Random Thoughts:

1. It seems a lot of folks in the fitness industry like gimmicks. Fancy speed ladder drills, stability ball exercises, bosu ball stuff, balance boards, tire flipping, and so on. What ever happened to the basics? Most everything has its place but people seem to jump on the bandwagon of the newest sexy exercises and forget about the basics. You know? Getting people stronger. Increasing ones strength will have the BIGGEST impact (no pun intended) on someones fitness level. Squats, Deadlifts, Pushups, Bench press, Chinups, Rows, etc. Get back to the basics...........Be brilliant at the basics!!!

2. I will say this again, if you are a trainer, coach, PT, Chiro or involved in the health and wellness industry and you are not a member of, become one NOW! Seriously!!

3. Deadlifts rock!! Two of my favorite ways to teach them are sumo deadlifts with a kettlebell and trap bar deadlifts.I should have a new article out on on deadlifts in the next few weeks.......One more reason to join :-)

4. You know what else rocks? SLED PUSHING!! I am beginning to think it is as important as oxygen.......

5. Oh yeah and speaking of gimmicks. Check out Eric Cressey's new book The Truth About Unstable Surface Training. Some very good stuff! Trust me.

6. My friend Anthony Renna wrote an article a while back called "No more sit-ups, No more crunches". Take some time to read it. Its very good! And a recent "GURU" I talked to........ Lets call him Mr. "Internet" Guru.......Well, he should enjoy the read. I wish I could be a GURU.

7. Halloween is tomorrow! Have fun!!