Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hey Hunch Back!! Yeah I'm Talking To You.....

Hunch back posture is not only predominately found in the "Computer Man", but it seems to be a plague among kids and even athletes. Everywhere I go I see people with rounded shoulders and a head popping forward as if they were a rooster strutting it's stuff for a hen.

The title of this post could have been "How to get taller", because you are literally inches shorter with this slouched posture. But being shorter isn't the worst thing. Kyphotic posture can lead to many things like shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, etc.

"The evolutionary process of computer man".

Athletes with severe kyphosis will lose strength and power in virtually everything they do. This is do the muscular imbalances and massive energy leaks. Force WILL NOT travel correctly from the ground through the legs and hips, up to the core and through the upper extremities. So, not only will you be in pain and create a higher risk for injury but you are making yourself weaker!!

For the MMA and BJJ guys reading this, make sure you read the "Common Mistakes of a Mixed Martial Artist - from a strength and conditioning perspective".

Here are some simple things you can start doing right away to combat this ugly posture and stop looking like something out of Lord of the Rings:

Soft tissue work for the pecs

Thoracic spine mobility

Active pec stretch

Wallslide - This is a great bang for your buck......Scap activation, active pec stretch, active lat stretch.

Note: This is actually a progression. Don't begin this seated. Perform it standing and grind your forearms on the wall. The idea is to not allow any space between your arms and the wall at anytime. If you cannot achieve this, try it one arm at a time.