Monday, December 29, 2008

A Message to Trainers And Coaches (New Year's Resolution)

My friend Jon Chaimberg has a new DVD coming out soon and in it, he has a message to trainers and coaches. The summary of his message is to practice what you preach. The message may come off harsh to some but he makes a very good point. The truth hurts sometimes.

Too often I see trainers/coaches who are fat and out of shape or are postural, distorted train wrecks that cannot show a single exercise correctly. In fact, this is actually more common then seeing a trainer who CAN demonstrate correct form. This may sound like I am being negative towards out of shape people but I am not. I think it is BS for someone in this field to be out of shape (no matter the age) and be training other people. It is also BS if a coach cannot demonstrate an exercise and expect an athlete or client to perform the exercise correctly. I have even seen trainers give exercises to their clients that they have never even done personally.

"This guy probably isn't the best choice as a trainer"

I will be the first to say that I am not the strongest, fastest, leanest or most muscular trainer on the planet....... Not even close!! But, I do workout. I am in shape. I am trying to get stronger. I am trying to get leaner. If I give a client an exercise, I have done the exercise before and I CAN do it correctly.

It is the trainers at the commercial gyms (24 hr fitness, ballys, etc, etc) and tv shows like the biggest loser that make it embarrassing to be called a personal trainer. Guys and gals in the industry........ PLEASE get educated. For the price that they are paying, you owe it to your clients. Read a book every week. Watch a DVD every week. Attend seminars as often as possible. Learn progressions. Become a member to And last but not least...... workout, eat clean and try to better yourself.