Monday, December 22, 2008

The Difference in Plyometrics vs. Pulsing: McGills Response

I recieved a question on training the pulse that I wanted to share. The question was:

How does this compare / contrast with the theories of plyometrics?

I was going to answer it myself but being the knucklehead I am, I didn't want to confuse anyone. So I emailed Stuart McGill....... Here is his reply:

"I think of a pulse orginating out of any sort of contraction. For MMA
it could be a period of isometric contraction (holding an opponent)
and then explosively pulsing to create a desired effect. It may be
simply to start relaxed and fire into motion such as a sprinters start
or superman punch for example. These are all pulses.

Plyometrics are special in that they always involve the storage and recovery of elastic energy. Thus the muscles must be tuned to do this efficiently (say
preactivated to about 25% of MVC) and then rapidly stretched. Then as
the muscles stretch back there is usually another pulse to assit with
the elastic recovery. Think of a drop jump. If the muscles are not
prestiffened there is no storage in the elastic band."