Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Got Strength?

Strength is arguably the most important physical quality a person can have and even more so for an athlete. Strength is too commonly measured only in terms of the bench press. But we need to look at strength in a more balanced approach. So the question should not only be, how much can you bench press? But also how much can you squat? How much can you deadlift? Now, in my opinion these are still traditional views of strength. I think we really need to look at unilateral strength and strength relative to your own body weight. So my question to you is:

How much can you single leg squat?
How much can you single leg deadlift?
How much can you chin or pullup? Or, can you even do a pullup?
How many pushups or inverted rows can you do with a 50 lb weight vest?

These are some of my questions of strength. I have seen many fighters surprisingly weak in these "bodyweight type" exercises (not truly bodyweight because we add external resistance like weight vests). And for the MMA guys out there, remember, the days of David versus Goliath fights are almost extinct. Nowadays you will compete against an opponent in your weight class.