Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Featured Athlete: Pro Escobedo

On Saturday, December 6th, IPT athlete Pro Escobedo became the two time FCFF Light Heavyweight Champion defeating a previous Champion Tom Matijacic. Pro worked so hard for this fight and all of his hard work paid off. He was a poster child for showing up to a fight ready and in shape. Tom was a VERY dangerous opponent as he packs a freight train behind his punches. Pro stuck to his game plan the entire fight and never derailed. He moved efficiently, attacked at the right times and worked the cage like a Champ. As the fight went on, it was apparent that Pro was the more "in shape" of the two as he was moving just as quickly in the last round as in the first. At the end of the fight he told me he felt like he could fight another fight....... I am VERY proud of him!!

FCFF Light Heavyweight Champion Pro Escobedo

Pro working against the cage

Pro delivering a heavy right hand