Friday, August 15, 2008

Featured Exercise:

Medicine Ball Rotary Throw

Want to punch harder, kick faster, hit the ball further or just try a core exercise with a little edge? Not matter your sport, improving your rotary power will dramatically improve your performance. Plus, whats the point of having a well developed core with no power behind it? Try the 1/2 kneeling rotary throw for 3 weeks to learn how to properly load the far hip and transfer the energy from your hip, through your core and upper extremities. Once you are proficient at that progress to standing.

Med Ball Rotary Throw - 1/2 kneeling

Med Ball Rotary Throw - standing

Medicine Balls have a thousand different uses. They are a must have tool for any gym and/or home. Some Med balls bounce and some don't. Both are great and offer fantastic results.