Thursday, August 7, 2008

Corn: One of the worst things you can eat

Is anyone sick of me writing about corn?.........That makes two of us :-)

Recently I was at a little get together. It was a great atmosphere, good people, drinks, nice weather and good food........or so one would think. The food is really what caught my eye. Everything appeared somewhat healthy but things aren't always what they appear. Corn and its evil cousin high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is one of the worst things you could eat, and it was in everything!

Here is a list of what was served:

Pasta Salad - The pasta had HFCS in it

Crackers with some hummus - The crackers had HFCS

Hamburgers - The beef was not organic or free range so you can guarantee it was fed some crappy corn meal. Which by the way, cows should not eat the stuff. They should be eating on the grass like they would naturally. In fact, corn meal makes them sick with diseases and if they did not slaughter them when they did, the cattle would soon die from a disease.

Hamburger Buns - Whole wheat non the less, which had HFCS

Cheese - Again, the cattle is fed corn meal so the cheese will have corn too.

Soda - Obviously crappy. HFCS

Cake - HFCS

Ice Cream - HFCS

And guess what else..........Corn on the cob!!! And no, corn on the cob is not okay and its not a vegetable. Its grain. A very crappy grain.

Bottom line is, be more aware of what you are eating and stay away from corn and its sickening derivatives.