Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On Your Way to a Pullup

You have always heard about the benefit of performing Pullups but have never done them because...........well, YOU CAN'T!!

Pullups are arguably one the best upper body exercises. The only problem is most people can not even do one pullup, so they get stuck on the evil step brother, (insert build up music here) "The Pulldown"!! In fact, even the people that CAN do a pullup choose to do the pulldown instead. This is because the pulldown is easier. Much easier. But "easy" does not produce results! So if you CAN physically perform pullups, you should not be caught on a pulldown machine. But what can the rest of you do so that you can be on your way to knocking out some pullups? Get a set of Superbands.They will progress you faster than an assisted pullup machine. Here is the simple progression:

- Use the 2 1/2" band until you can get 10 reps
- Progress to the 1 3/4" band for 10 reps
- Progress to the 1" band for 10 reps
- Almost there!! Now progress to the 1/2" band - By this point you will be able to do bodyweight pullups.

Here is the set up: