Thursday, July 31, 2008

10 More Random Thoughts

Okay, more like 8 but 10 sounds cooler

1. The draw-in method (belly button towards the spine, TA activation) is not a good method to support spinal stability. In fact it de-stabilizes the spine. Your spine will buckle if you choose to draw-in while your body is under significant load. People should rather learn what Stuart McGill refers to as "Abdominal Bracing", which is a co-contraction of the abdominal musculature (RA, TA, Ext/Int Obliques). The research on TA activation has been very misunderstood.

2. If you have knee pain you should replace your walking and forward lunges with reverse lunges or slideboard lunges. Also, perform more hip dominant work than knee dominant. Basically, Deadlift more!!

3. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

4. Most personal trainers scare me!! I think there should be a governing body that throws personal trainers in jail for malpractice. Or at least a Grim Reaper looking dude that makes them Deadlift with a flexed spine so they can feel the same disc herniation that their clients feel.

5. Hip flexors aren’t just short and tight. They are often weak too. Especially the iliacus and Psoas. These two hip flexors are isolated when the hip is flexed beyond 90 degrees. If you constantly get quad pulls I guarantee your Ilio-Psoas is weak.

6. For the Trainers out their…… is the best site on the internet for training information. If you are not a member, you are so far behind the curve that I won’t even make a joke about it. Check it out!! Click this and get a 14 day trial for $1. You can't afford not too!!

7. I NEVER thought I would make a myspace page………but I did (just threw up in my mouth)!! I promise that I won’t start snapping photos of myself making different emotions with my face (that’s just weird). But if I do, you will know Armageddon is near.

8. Power Yoga?? Huh?? Power is the rate of force production. Think how can something be done deliberately slow and be called "Power"? This confuses me. I think they should rename "Power Yoga" and call it "Not As Slow As Other Types Of Yoga". Or for short, "NASAOTOY". Wait a minute, I'm getting an idea here! A new sport for the Olympics.........Slow Sprinting.