Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh Shoes!

Got pain? Take a look at the type of footwear you have. Check out the heels. You too guys!! It’s not only women that wear high heels (well, drag queens too). Men also wear them. Look at all of the crazy so called athletic shoes like Shox!!

One of the first things that I do with my clients is to talk them into better foot wear and try to go bare footed more often. Elevated heels really destroy your ankle mobility and puts you into hyperextension which places a lot of stress on your lumbar spine. This stress on the lumbar also leads to kyphosis posture(rounded back) and nagging cervical spine problems including headaches.

High heels can lead to a number of things like corns, callouses, bunions, stress fractures, joint pain, Achilles tendon tightness, degenerative changes in the spine, and SO ON!!

So do yourself a favor and limit the use of high heels. And try training in some Nike Free’s, Chuck Taylors or even barefoot.