Friday, December 14, 2007

Myth Buster: Don’t Squat Past Parallel

You here this one being preached by the personal trainer that got certified over the weekend. If he sees you squatting to deep, he starts crying and pulling his hair out. Question: Do babies squat past parallel? Don’t they play with their toys in a full ass-to-grass deep squat?

"I guess we better not let her play anymore...
Well, maybe we should just have her play video games and watch TV?"

Most of the American-general population cannot deep squat. Most of the third world countries can. We have countless amounts of ankle, knee, hip and low back problems. Yet tribe’s men don’t. In fact, a deep squat is the position that many tribal people sit in for school and socializing. Hmmmmmmm?

"Let's give this guy a desk job! He is gonna hurt himself!!"

When I see someone that cannot squat past parallel, all that I see is a train wreck waiting to happen. The ability to deep squat represents great ankle and hip mobility.So don't believe everything you read or what you have always heard, because most of it is BS. And ask that trainer if he got his certification out of a Cracker Jack box.