Monday, September 6, 2010

Complex Training

When I think sport, I think strength and power. I hate the term "sport specific" but when I sport specificity I think complexing. A complex is when you pair two exercises together, a strength exercise followed by a power exercise of the same movement pattern. It is a great way to develop some power through a little fatigue. I personally think complexing is one of the greatest methods for training MMA and BJJ athletes. There are endless variations to complex training but I am partial to few. Here are a couple examples of some complexes that we use at Impact Performance Training.

TRX Inverted Row/Rope Slam Complex:

Single Leg Squat/TRX Single Leg Hop Complex:

On a side note.... We are now doing our single leg squats in the fashion above. We hold Kettlebells in the racked position rather than reaching out with dumbbells. It's a bit harder this way so you will have to adjust to lower weights. If the KB's get too heavy we combo with a weight vest.