Thursday, December 10, 2009

MMA Metabolic Circuit

As you know, MMA is a passion of mine. From a sporting demand there is nothing like it. Many people ask how we train mixed martial artist. The truth is we train them very similar to any athlete. What is very different is our conditioning and in particular our use of metabolic circuits. These circuits are specifically designed to incorporate the demands of MMA in a safe but extremely taxing way. The circuit you are about to watch was performed by two MMA athletes, Bryan Torres and Pro Escobedo. We will do 2-5 rounds depending on the fight (title or non-title) and how far out the athlete is from the fight. There is 1 minute rest in between rounds. Take note that this circuit is done at the end of our training after our power and strength work. The circuit consists of:

Airdyne - 20 seconds @ 90 RPM's
TRX Inverted Row - 40 lbs x 10 reps
Med Ball Slam - 6 reps
Walking Lunge - 50 lbs down/back on turf
Power step up - 5 reps each
Plyo Pushup - 10 reps
Rope Circuit: 20 reps each - Double wave, Alt wave, outside circles, side waves, split jump double wave, jumping jack
Airdyne - .3 mile sprint
Shadow box (look light, look fresh)

Rest 1 minute and repeat