Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Efficient Ways To Get Fat And Stay Fat (re-post)

I posted this sometime last year as somewhat of a sarcastic, yet educational look at fat loss. Unexpectedly, it was big hit with people. I had a very large and positive response from it. So I am re-posting it and putting it up on the IPT website as an article.

Losing fat isn't all that tricky. There are exercise methods that yield better results than others (interval training vs. aerobics), along with nutritional methods that yield better results than others (getting your carbs from fruits and veggies vs. processed breads and pastas). If people do MOST of these things right MOST of the time (meaning like 90% of the time), THEY WILL LOSE BODY FAT.

I find it interesting when someone comes to me and says they CAN'T lose body fat. So I ask them some basic questions. Questions that must be answered as "YES" in order to lose body fat:

Are you lifting weights at least 3 days per week?
Are you doing interval training?
Do you eat breakfast everyday?
Do you eat 5-6 mini meals per day?
Do you eat 1-2 servings of veggies and fruits at every meal?
Do you consume about 1 gram of protein per lbs. of body weight?
Do you change your workout program every 3-4 weeks?
And do you do all of these things about 90% of the time?

Generally people answer NO to many of these questions.
If they say that they are doing all of these things and still cannot lose body fat, they are lying. They are not ready to change.

So here you go.... Efficient Ways To Get Fat And Stay Fat. Enjoy!!