Friday, May 23, 2008

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Its in everything. Its in your juice, ketchup, bread, cereal and the list goes on! Hell, its even in most of the “health foods” out there like the so-called nutrition bars and meal replacements.

Some of the problems associated with high fructose corn syrup:

Increased LDL's (the bad lipoprotein) leading to increased risk of heart disease.
• Altered Magnesium balance leading to increased osteoporosis.
• Increased risk of Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus.
• Fructose has no enzymes or vitamins thus robbing the body of precious micro-nutrients.
• Fructose interacts with birth control pills and can elevate insulin levels in women on the pill.
• Accelerated aging.
• Fructose inhibits copper metabolism leading to a deficiency of copper, which can cause increased bone fragility, anemia, ischemic heart disease and defective connective tissue formation among others.

Beware of all the different names that HFCS is now going by: Crystalline fructose, corn enriched fructose, and just plain fructose.

So if HFCS is as bad for us as we are hearing, who is benefiting and who is behind it? (Insert scary music now) The Government!! Check out the following link: HFCS Cost