Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 Reasons the Leg Press Sucks:

1. It puts you in a ludicrous position! I can’t really think of a time where you will need to be pressing at an incline with your legs. Seriously though, look at the inverted picture of the leg press. ??? It doesn’t even mimic a squat pattern in the least. It actually looks more like a mutated deadlift. Do you want to be a mutant? Huh? Do you?

2. The Leg Press not only increases compressive forces on the lumbar spine but also the shear forces. Simply put, you may be chasing down a couple of your vertebrae after they blast through the back of the leg press and go bouncing down the gym floor.

3. The beginning position of the leg press has you already in hip flexion. Most people lack the flexibility and motor control to go through more hip flexion as they move through a repetition, making them compensate by using their lumbar spine. Thus producing lumbar flexion instead of hip flexion. Doh!!! There go’s those vertebrae again!!

4. It is an ego booster exercise. And ego booster exercises suck!! Sorry, just because you can leg press 600 lbs. doesn’t mean you can squat it. I would bet my head in a guillotine that a 600 lb leg presser couldn’t even squat 225.

5. It is a machine and 99% of machines suck. Folks, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE SEATED POSTION AND OFF OF MACHINES!! We need to learn how to learn how to move like human beings again. Squat, Lunge, Deadlift, etc.

It’s the 180 rule: Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. Everyone is leg pressing so start squatting.