Thursday, April 24, 2008

Speed Limping......I don't get it??

Jogging, or as it should be called "Speed Limping" does not make much sense. First off, there is no research supporting any benefits to speed limping. Lets look at the "Real Science" vs. the "Gym Science" (or Limper's Science).

Gym Science says: Speed Limping will be burn more fat due to its aerobic benefits.
Real Science says: High intensity interval training and resistance training reign far superior in regards to fat burning versus traditional aerobic training. This is partially due to EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption), or as Alwynn Cosgrove calls it, "The Afterburn". You continue to burn a large amount of calories for up to 48 hours.

Gym Science says: Speed Limping is great for getting someone in shape.
Real Science says: This is far from the truth. Limper's are some of the most torn up and broken down people that exist. This is due to the constant pounding that the joints must endure during repetitive Limp sessions.

Gym Science says: Speed Limping is good for athletes
Real Science says: The Limp is the kiss of death for most athletes. Unless you are a marathon runner, speed limping will destroy your athletic ability. Most sports are repetitive bouts of sprints, not limps.

Honestly. Look at one of the first 10 people that cross the finish line in the Boston Marathon. Ask yourself if you would want to look like any of them? Emaciated? Sickly? Weak? I think most would say no thank you!! No take a look at an Olympic sprinters body. Strong, powerful and attractive. These body types our a direct result of the training demands imposed on these individuals.

Bottom line is: Train long and slow. Look weak and sick. Or train for strength and power. Look strong and powerful.

I better get out of here!! I just snapped this photo of a gang of angry Speed Limpers trying to chase me down and stab me with their razor sharp elbows!! I think I will SPRINT for my getaway!!