Monday, September 14, 2009

Featured Exercise: TRX Anterior Core Progression #1 (Planks)

Here is one of our TRX Anterior Core Progressions:

TRX Plank

Coaching Cues:
1. Maintain “pillar” type stability
2. Do not allow excessive arching at the low back
3. Perform a 30 sec hold. Once proficient progress to the next exercise rather than progressing in time

TRX Body Saw

Coaching Cues:
1. Same as above. Perform for reps or time

TRX Body Saw/Knee Tuck

Coaching Cues:
1. Perform the Knee Tuck without rounding the low back

TRX Walk-Outs

Coaching Cues:
1. Same as above. Imagine balancing a glass of water on the hips. This will create an anti-rotation effect for the core

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