Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Considerations and Training For Mixed Martial Arts

Some of the training methods presented in this article are a continuation of my article, “Common Mistakes of a Mixed Martial Artist” and others are things that I have learned more about or added to my program over the last year. This should expose some training components that make MMA different than other sports and offer some ideas on how to train these athletes.

Iso Explode – Beyond the use of muscle activation, there really isn’t a large need to train isometrics in sports like there is in combative sports. Watch an MMA fight and you will see isometrics everywhere. The most common isometrics are “yielding” and “overcoming”. A yielding isometric is when you are holding a weight and preventing it from moving, while an overcoming isometric is when you are pushing or pulling an immovable object. I have been using isometrics for a long time and even using iso-explodes for a while. But it wasn’t until my friend, Jon Chaimberg, told me he was using them in exercises (beyond what I was already using) that I started to think of where my program would benefit from implementing iso-explodes into additional movement patterns. Here are three exercises that we are implementing with great results.

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