Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Few Reasons You Are Not Losing Fat

1. Your a closet eater: Does somebody have a little secret? Come on, fess up. It's time to come out of the closet..... seriously!! Come clean!! Your only lying to yourself.

This is not what I mean by closet eater

Okay, quit giggling.... Lets move on. It's the most basic rule in the game of weight loss and weight gain. If you want to lose weight, you MUST be in an energy deficit. In you want to gain weight, you MUST be in an energy surplus. Too many people are hiding in the closet and consuming far too many calories than they should for the goal of fat loss. Here are a couple things you have not been counting.....

Fruit juice - But fruit is good for you, right? Absolutely!! But eat it, don't drink it.

Alcohol - (holy shit Batman, there is calories in that??). Your excuse may be that you only drink on the weekends. Guess what? All those Porters you've been slugging down have about 200 calories per beer. Time for Go Go Gadget Dewey to bust out some math:

200 calories x 4 beers Friday night = 800 calories
200 calories x 4 beers Saturday night = 800 calories
800 calories + 800 calories = 1,600 calories

1 pound of fat consists of 3,600 calories. You can do the math from here. I think you see what I'm getting at.

Does this count as one or two beers?

Top that of with the late night alcohol munchies.... You know..... Ice cream, desserts.... Rollos :-)

2. You are lazy at the gym: It will take me a couple tries to guess what you are doing for cardio (stupid word)... The elliptical?? No... The recumbent bike. I am right huh? Why is it that these are the two most used (treadmill a close third) pieces of cardio equipment in most gyms? I will tell you, they are the easiest. It's funny, everybody wants results but most people don't want to work hard. Next time you are in the gym (not IMPACT, you won't see lazy there) check out what people are on. It will be this order of popularity:

Recumbent bike
Treadmill (this may tie with the bike)
Stair stepper
Step mill (this is the hardest in regular gyms... remember, regular gyms don't have Airdyne bikes, sleds, slideboards, ropes, open space to sprint, etc)

You will see people spending 30+ minutes doing steady state aerobics (a waste of time) while watch tv. Then those same people hop of that dreaded cardio equipment and wonder why they still look the same they did 3 years ago when they joined the gym. Hello, McFly!!!!!!

And if your saying, "I don't do any of those things, I do step aerobics (*insert silly group class here*) or work out to FIT tv in the morning". The same goes for you. That's one of the reasons your not getting results. At least not the results you want.

Just a little example of working hard in the gym:

We will do this for 3-5 minutes with 1 minute rest. We will repeat it for 3-5 sets. Heart rates soar!!

3. You are in denial: You don't have enough time to work out, lifting weights makes you bulky, health food tastes bad, you have a thyroid problem (this can be real but it is a very small chance), you have bad genetics. The list goes for days. Stop it!! Get to work.