Sunday, June 22, 2008

10 Random Thoughts

1. Its amazing that so many trainers and coaches don’t asses their clients and athletes. Assuming, is a HUGE mistake!! Get educated at the Function Movement Screen so that your clients get what they deserve.

2. Get off machines….better yet get your clients off machines. This is red handed robbery! People need to move through real ranges of motion not sit and exercise through fixed ranges of motion.

3. My wife and I like Hawaii better than Oregon.

4. Lunges are an advanced exercise. Beginners shouldn’t touch them.

5. People still do body-part training………I swear, I know, I thought it wasn’t true either!! Monday: Chest – Tuesday: Back – Wednesday: Legs – Thursday: Arms – Friday: Shoulders – Saturday: Toes & Eye lids. SCARY!! Dinosaurs aren’t extinct!!

6. Deadlifts rock!! That’s read “Deadlifts done right, rock!!”

7. Foam roll before you stretch. Decrease tissue density before you increase tissue length.

8. Valgus knees are sometimes not a hip issue. Don’t just look at the hip. Your body could be trying to put the big toe on the ground.

9. Wear shoes less. Go barefoot more.

10. Want to thrash your knees? Do leg extensions.